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Pathways Through the Holidays

Tues., Oct. 25: South San Francisco
Wed., Oct. 26: Oakland
Thur., Oct. 27: Sunnyvale

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Memorial Services

Celebration of Light 2016
Sunday, Dec. 11: Skylawn Memiorial Park

Learn about Jewish mourning, shiva traditions, customs and more. Plan for a shiva. Find and send the appropriate sympathy items and food for a shiva home.
The premier resource for condolence, sympathy, and loss-related content and gifts. Find specific resources for expressing condolences, planning for end-of-life, as well as grieving and coping.

Bereavement Support

Everyone grieves differently; for some it is a very private process, others have networks of friends and family that meet their needs. But many people benefit from participating in a support group or activities with others who are grieving.

Pathways has an array of bereavement services to help people as they navigate this new territory without their loved one. We are here to help you heal — to absorb the loss and adapt to a life that has changed forever.

Support Groups

Pathways has many support groups — for spouses, for adults who lose parents, for loss of a child, and drop-in groups. Groups examine common issues, such as loneliness, anger, lifestyle changes, “normal” grief and coping skills.


Throughout the summer Pathways offers healing workshops. They may be about journal writing, meditation, or assembling a memorial garden, or it may be a group walk.

Memorial Services

Celebration of Light
Each year in early December Pathways holds a beautiful and moving remembrance event warmed with music, readings, and a candle-lighting ceremony.

Afternoon of Remembrance
Late spring is a busy time of year with graduations, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Father’s Day, but these occasions may be acute reminders of the absence of loved ones. Pathways holds remembrance events at this time of year with music, readings, and the creation of a beautiful collective flower bouquets. We have events in Oakland (2017 date TBD) and San Mateo.


Occasionally grieving people feel in need of 1-to-1 counseling. We have trained grief counselors in each of our offices that can give this kind of support.


Families or friends who experienced our hospice care will receive quarterly newsletters, “Seasons through Your Grief,” and pamphlets with helpful information about the grief process and ways to cope.

Seasons Through Your Grief: The Roller Coaster

Seasons Through Your Grief: Grief as a Mountain to Climb

Seasons Through Your Grief: Grief Waves

Seasons Through Your Grief: Grief Bursts

Open to All

Pathways opens its bereavement services to anyone in the community in need of this support, whether they had hospice care or not. Although our bereavement support is free, we encourage donations to the Pathways Foundations to ensure that we can always continue to provide grief support to anyone in the communities we serve.

Memorial Gifts to Pathways
Learn how to designate Pathways in an obituary as the recipient of memorial gifts.