Caregiver Support

Caregivers are at risk for stress and burn-out. As you know, caring for a person with advanced dementia is very demanding. Reducing stress and preventing burn-out are important. The Pathways team is available to provide support, education, counseling, and resources to help.

Care for Yourself

    • Taking care of yourself makes you better able to care for someone else.
    • Be sure you get enough rest, eat properly, get exercise, receive regular medical care, and seek out social support from family and friends.
    • Respite is an essential tool for maintaining self care. Respite means periodic rest breaks for the caregiver. Respite may be for an hour, a day, a week — whatever you need. Sometimes other paid caregivers, volunteers, family members, friends, or neighbors can provide respite.
Our Hearts go out to those victims and their families affected by the fires. For our patients and families, please remember to stay in contact with Pathways for your needs.